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Surfer Dude Adventure [2009][2hours]

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Catching the waves with a surfboard and a rifle.

Download Surfer Dude Adventure

Made with Construct, for a 2-hour IRC compo.
Music is ripped from the NES Silver Surfer game.



Super Game Reviewer 2009[2009][finished]

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(originally done for the Stonking Great Games Contest at The Escapist)

“…then again, with the given subject matter [of the competition; Zero Punctuation], what the f*** was I expecting? A game where you shout into a microphone for five minutes?” – Yahtzee

Super Game Reviewer 2009

Reviewing games with a microphone and a faux-British accent.

This game requires a microphone.
Made with Flash.

Play Super Game Reviewer 2009

Speak constantly and just loud enough to keep the audience’s attention. Press Space to show funny pictures for more attention and points. (Easter egg; click the guy at the calibration screen!)

(note to self; Flash is horrible at sound input.)


Super Cockpit Football Fighters [2009][finished]

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(originally made for the TIGSource Cockpit Competition)

Super Cockpit Football Fighters

Football played out by flailing ragdolls. Expect Kung Fu tackles, unfair play and physics bugs.

Download Super Cockpit Football Fighters V0.5

This isn’t a singleplayer game- 2 players are needed to really enjoy this.
Made with the Blender Game Engine. Music by tomica.